Community ecology in a changing world. How do biotic interactions such as predation, herbivory, mutualism, and competition govern the distribution and abundance of plants and animals? How do regular patterns arise in nature, and how do they affect the stability and functioning of ecosystems? And what are the ecological consequences of extinction, species invasions, climate change, and other human perturbations? We study these issues in tropical ecosystems, using approaches ranging from large-scale field experiments to the analysis of short DNA fragments. To learn more about our work, please click on the links above!

Lab News
07/23/2018. Pringle Lab research featured in Times article by Natalie Angier about Gorongosa National Park Restoration.
06/20/2018. Dr. Tyler Coverdale, newly minted Ph.D., has defended his outstanding dissertation and is now off to great things at Cornell!
02/15/2018. Congratulations to Tyler Coverdale, selected as part of the inaugural group of Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows at Cornell. Way to go TC!!
01/20/2018. Our latest paper, “Warfare and wildlife declines in Africa’s protected areas,” published today in Nature. Full text here.
08/28/2017. Josh Daskin successfully defended his PhD today and decamped to Yale. We miss Josh already :((
06/01/2017. RMP perspective, “Upgrading protected areas to conserve wild biodiversity,” published today in Nature.
04/23/2017. Tyler Coverdale selected as one of six recipients of 2017 ESA Graduate Student Policy Award (3rd straight year for #PrincetonEEB)!
04/21/2017. Arjun Potter has passed his General Exam and advanced to candidacy! Congratulations, Arjun!!
04/05/2017. Jen Guyton invited to present Oral Presentation on her Gorongosa work at ICCB in Cartagena in July!
01/25/2017. Josh Daskin’s paper “Ecological legacies of civil war” a runner-up for the Harper Prize for best paper by a young author in J. Ecology!
01/08/2017. Check out coverage of our latest work on spatial patterning in Science, the Times, and this excellent piece in Atlas Obscura.
01/08/2017. Josh Daskin awarded prestigious Donnelley Fellowship at Yale University, starting Fall 2017!!
10/20/2016. Pringle Lab research featured in “Wild science: The nature of the Mpala Research Centre,” by Morgan Kelly!
10/10/2016. Tyler Kartzinel to start as Assistant Professor at Brown University, Fall 2017! Check out the new Kartzinel Lab!!
09/15/2016. Pringle Lab welcomes new graduate student Matt Hutchinson!
06/13/2016. Jen Guyton awarded Mary & Randall Hack ’69 Water Research Award from PEI!
03/14/2016. Pringle Lab welcomes new post-doc Johan Pansu!
02/05/2016. Josh Daskin’s paper “Ecological legacies of civil war” selected by Science editors as “Research Highlight”!
02/02/2016. Tyler Coverdale awarded NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for research in Kenya!
11/11/2015. Check out this new “Scientist At Work” short film from HHMI and Off The Fence!

10/26/2015. Kartzinel et al. DNA metabarcoding paper is the top story on Princeton’s homepage!
10/22/2015. RMP and Corina Tarnita deliver annual Holiday Lectures on Science at HHMI — check ’em out and please share!
10/01/2015. Pringle Lab welcomes new post-docs Chris Baker & Jessica Castillo Vardaro!
09/15/2015. Pringle Lab welcomes new graduate student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow Arjun Potter!
05/07/2015. RMP named ESA Early Career Fellow for 2015-2019.
04/21/2015. Josh Daskin awarded NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for research in Mozambique!
02/01/2015. E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation features Pringle Lab research in “Gorongosa Field Notes” series: