Joining the lab

Graduate Students

We are always interested to hear from prospective Ph.D. students! If you think your interests are a good fit for the Lab, based on the descriptions on this website and our recent publications, please contact Rob with a brief description of your research interests and a copy of your CV. The Pringle Lab and Princeton’s EEB Department seek applicants who embody the broadest possible spectrum of backgrounds and experiences. For general information about applying to the graduate school, please see the EEB Graduate Program website.

Prospective Ph.D. students might also consider applying for the EEB Scholars Program, which is unrelated to the graduate admissions process. The aims of the program are to provide exceptional students from backgrounds underrepresented in science with an introduction to Princeton and to demystify the process of applying for and commencing graduate study (whether at Princeton or elsewhere).


We are also interested in hearing from prospective postdoctoral researchers. At the present time, we do not have any internally funded postdoctoral positions available. However, we welcome inquiries about collaborations that might be funded through external fellowship programs, such as those available through NSF and other sources. Eligible candidates should consider applying to Princeton’s Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, which funds outstanding researchers who can contribute to the diversity of our scholarly community.