Joining the Lab

A Note to Prospective Graduate Students

We are always interested to hear from prospective Ph.D. students interested in Princeton’s EEB program. However, due to space limitations, the Pringle Lab is unlikely to be able to accept any new graduate students to start in Fall 2017. If you think that Princeton is the right program for you, I would encourage you to check whether your interests seem like a good match to any of the other EEB faculty in ecology; please see EEB website for details on the program and how to apply. And if you are undeterred by this caveat, or wish to explore possibilities for future years, feel free to reach out to me via email. Also, Tyler Kartzinel is leaving Princeton soon to start his own lab at Brown, and might be accepting one lucky student to start in the fall — check out the Kartzinel Lab webpage to see if it might be the right fit for you!

A Note to Prospective Post-Docs

We do not currently have any funded positions available. However, we always welcome inquiries from prospective post-docs who have or are applying for external fellowships.